1915 Pride & Glory

Tommy Gunn series: book 2

We first met TOM Gunn, a young infantry lieutenant in the Sherwood Foresters, just back on leave from India as Europe catches ablaze in the chaotic summer of 1914.

He joined a hastily formed mixed battalion of reservists, regular and territorial soldiers and found himself pitchforked into the mayhem of the Battles of the Marne, the Aisne and then the drawn-out agony of Ypres as the high hopes of summer sank into the frozen trenches of the winter of 1914.

But by the time of the brief Christmas Truce with the Germans, Acting Captain Thaddeus Gunn and his men began to realise that this was going to be a long war – and one that was expanding worldwide.

Little did he know that fate – or rather, the War Office – had plans that would take the newly promoted young captain of the Sherwood Foresters to the dangerous Mediterranean shores of Gallipoli and then the hell of Loos ….

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‘Fantastic detail. He really captures the mood both on the home front and as the troops go into battle. A really authentic piece of work.’ Nick Gordon, award-winning journalist and ex-deputy editor: Daily Mail

‘If Hughes-Wilson finishes this sequence of novels it will be an unique achievement’ Rick Gekoski, Chair of Judges for the 2011 Man Booker International Prize, author and rare book dealer

‘If you enjoyed Flashman and Sharpe, you will love Tommy Gunn.’ International Guild of Battlefield Guides

‘These gripping novels have the triple advantage of being superbly written, true to life down to the last military detail, and very exciting.’ Professor Andrew Roberts, author, historian and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

‘From the moment in this remarkable series of novels that we meet young infantry officer Thaddeus Gunn fighting in the heat and dust of the North-West Frontier in 1913, his tale fairly rattles along, like a well-oiled Vickers machine-gun. It sweeps us out on a rip-roaring tide to Ypres, the shores of Gallipoli then back into the charnel houses of the Somme and Passchendaele, before pitching us alongside him to fight the final hectic battles of 1918. This is a unique story about a very human and sympathetic character, worthy of being described as ‘the Sharpe of the Great War. The volumes I have read are hugely enjoyable page turners, to be sure, with a real whiff of cordite.’ Jon Cooksey, World War I historian, TV presenter, military historian and author of The Barnsley Pals, Harry’s War, The Western Front – Blood and Iron in Battlefields Review