Second Shot

The Vengeance Man series: book 2

A former SAS soldier is sent to the United States to help a friend who has got himself on the wrong side the law – and some very nasty gangsters – by dealing in firearms.

He’s known as the Vengeance Man.

But when the weapons fall into the wrong hands an innocent child is caught in the cross fire.

And the Vengeance Man finds himself caught up in a dangerous world of corruption and murder which takes him from the back alleys of downtown Harlem to Tennessee.

Will this be the Vengeance Man’s last battle?

Or will he get a ‘Second Shot’.

Second Shot is the follow-up to John MacRae’s best-selling thriller The Vengeance Man. It is an action packed novella of crime and revenge, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Andy McNab.

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Book review

‘A heart-pumping ride, with more twists than a roller-coaster.’ Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off.

Reader reviews

‘This book has a very clear direction and is very well written, making it a fuelled page-turning thriller. It has all the elements a good action thriller needs, suspense and drama mixed with wit and conspiracy and kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending is very intriguing, suggesting a third in the Vengeance Man series. MacRae did a great job of writing this and I’m looking forward to reading more of his books.’

‘Hunted through America. Good concepts; felt fast paced. Chance to have built tension.’

‘Very good read first time I have read any of John MacRae books would recommend to anybody to try.’

‘I enjoyed this book just as much as The Unit by the same author, it keeps you enthralled from start to finish and I found it very hard to put down.’