The Whitehall Steps

Captain Farrah series: book 2

Captain Mike Farrah has now left the Intelligence Corps. He’s back in civvie street in London and just recovered from his injuries and the fall-out from that dangerous SIS job, seducing a rich al Qa’ida banker’s daughter in Cairo and Cyprus.

But a life without adventure is not for him, gambler that he is, and he is tempted back to action with a new mission that’s supposed to be a quick and easy job for MI6: going undercover to spy on a nest of ISIS Jihadis in Westminster University.

But life is full of surprises. Mike’s taken up with a beautiful young student who has betrayed the bad guys. She’s stolen the jihadi leader’s mobile phone for MI6 and is now on the run. Terrified, she seeks sanctuary with Mike – resulting in him coming home one morning to his house and finding her with her throat cut.

Mike is in the frame for her murder. Bad enough Mr Plod is after him; they think he killed the girl. But the cops are the least of his problems.

Much worse, there’s a nasty bunch of bloodthirsty Jihadis now coming after him as well. They want that stolen mobile phone with all its incriminating evidence – and they want quick. And they’re prepared to kill to get it back.

To save his skin, Mike does a runner and flees to the continent. On the run, he has to keep one eye on the cops and another on his ISIS pursuers, keeping on the move as he’s hunted across Belgium, France Germany, Switzerland…

One day he hopes to convince London that they’re chasing the wrong man and he alone holds the solution to the mystery of the Whitehall Steps – if the murderous jihadi terrorists don’t get to him first ….

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Book reviews

‘A heart-pumping ride, with more twists than a roller-coaster.’ Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off

Reader reviews

‘John MacRae is a breath of fresh air. Would love another story.’