End Game

The Vengeance Man series: book 6

They say you can’t keep a good man down – and certainly not if he’s a special agent.

But in End Game, thriller supremo John Macrae has a shock in store for fans of his action-man hero who specialises in quietly doing the dirty work of his Government paymasters.

When Fritz, his self-confessed ‘enforcer’, gets the call from Whitehall, it is to help with cleaning up a little bit of in-house corruption.

But before you can say ‘bent copper’ he finds himself in deep trouble after dealing violently with a knife-wielding Lee Rigby-style attacker of a guardsman whilst on his way home.

Only this time he did what he thought was right, not what he was paid to do.

With lavish detail on covert operations, police interrogation procedures, surveillance techniques, bomb-making, media manipulation and ruthless treachery, we follow Fritz as he is hounded by the press into hiding, inveigled into drug dealing, sent to deal with subterranean bomb plot intrigue and some necessary and brutal ‘terminations’ until finally he has to be dispatched – ‘for his own safety’ – on a mission to out-of-the-way Afghanistan.

How can any man survive inside such a tortuous labyrinth of lies and dissemblance? And who is the mysterious blue-eyed cripple spotted in a remote gulag in China?

The latest in the popular series, End Game once again combines riveting authenticity and technical mastery with a plot – and sub-plots – that are as sometimes uncomfortably real and tangibly close to home. It shines a light into global events that have dominated the past decade and some that are as fresh as last week.

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Book reviews

‘A heart-pumping ride, with more twists than a roller-coaster.’ Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off.

The Vengeance Man is the best new action thriller this year’ Matt Lynn, author of the best-selling Death Force series.

Reader reviews

‘Good read keeps one wanting to know the ending.’