A Brief History of the Cold War

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The Cold War was an undeclared war, fought silently and carefully between ideological opponents armed with the most fearsome weapons mankind has ever seen.

Colonel John Hughes-Wilson takes a cool look at this war, from the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 to the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the dissolution of the USSR thereafter. He examines the suspicion and paranoia – on both sides – of the greatest stand-off in history.

Written by one of Britain’s leading, popular, military historians, this book makes accessible for the first time one of the key periods to shape our world.

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Book review

‘Hughes-Wilson has produced a fast moving and detailed history of those treacherous years’ Daily Express

Reader reviews

‘Everything is covered here, from the Great War through to the falling of the Berlin wall and from Marxist theory to espionage; it also discusses both world wars, Korea, Suez, Vietnam, the Cuban missile stand-off, and the threat of mutually assured destruction (MAD), with a fascinating look at nuclear and conventional weapons of the period. These topics are all discussed in quite a lot of detail for a “brief” history, but there are none of the usual endless dull “facts and figures” of other history books. Read this book and you will feel like you are reliving the 20th century.’

‘Fantastic page-turner. I approached this book with hardly any knowledge about the Cold War and yet I was absoutely gripped. John Hughes-Wilson’s impeccably lucid style certainly helped, but it was the narrative that I found most compelling. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.’

‘I knew very little of this period of history and found this book simply brilliant. It is one of the most accessible history books that I’ve ever come across, is tautly written in a pacy and interesting style and the author’s interest and first-hand experience is very evident. Once I started, I was gripped.’