In the Name of the Queen

Standalone thriller

How far would you go to save your country…?

An SAS intelligence officer has been sent on a deadly undercover mission.

His task?

To seduce the rich, spoiled daughter of an al-Qaeda leader.

The terrorist mastermind is in hiding, whilst his daughter is living the jet-set high life in Cairo.

He’s a banking genius behind one of the globe’s most feared terror movements – a hunted fugitive with a hefty price tag on his head.

But both father and daughter are in regular contact, providing a way in…

Perhaps the right man can seduce her and get her to lead British intelligence to one of the world’s most wanted men?

But who?

A very special man is needed.

Only a man who can pass himself off as an Arab to his fingertips, can have any hope of success.

Captain Farrah is the perfect fit – tall, dark and handsome he is desirable to the very end.

But first, he must master the Arabian art of love and much more if he wants to come out alive.

Failure is not an option, for revealing his true identity would result in torture and death at the hands of ruthless terrorists.

As Captain Farrah risks everything In The Name of the Queen, what price will he pay?

Praise for John Macrae

‘A heart-pumping ride, with more twists than a roller-coaster.’ Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off.