JFK: An American Coup d’Etat

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The truth behind the Kennedy assassination in 1963.

Ever since President John F Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas over fifty years ago, various theories have swirled around what was a key event in American – and world – history. Whatever the conclusions of the US official Warren Report – that the President had been assassinated by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald – many people doubt that to be true. Indeed, President Nixon later admitted on tape that the report was ‘a hoax committed on the American people.’

John Hughes-Wilson, a former colonel in British Intelligence, set out in 2007 to go through the millions of words and thousands of pieces of evidence, to put together an intelligence jigsaw of what really happened that dreadful high noon in Dallas in 1963. The result is a dramatic exposure of what actually took place and a clear indication that, while some of the pieces of that jigsaw may be missing, the truth is emerging.

Whilst the US Federal Archive still keeps a million documents relating to the case under lock and key, it is beyond reasonable doubt that Jack Kennedy was the victim of a plot to remove the President of the United States.

John Hughes-Wilson highlights the facts behind why Marilyn Monroe had to be silenced, LBJ’s corrupt secrets, the Kennedys’ secret Cuban coup plans, how the Mafia manipulated politicians and the CIA, and how the assassination was covered up. Reading this book no one can be in any doubt that JFK’s death was not at the hands of a lone deranged gunman, but a deadly plot to remove a President who threatened vested interests at home and abroad.

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Book reviews

This book brings together all the facts behind the “conspiracy culture” around the Kennedy assassination and weaves them into a single narrative that reads like a Tom Clancy thriller. Starting with the cover-up of the murder of Marilyn Monroe – just to demonstrate how the “powers that be” could conduct a whitewash on this scale – this book leads us through the long list of Kennedy’s enemies, including lethal enemies in the Cuban exiles, the Mafia, the military-industrial complex, and even Wall Street, to the nuts and bolts of the assassination itself in Dallas. This book names “names” – right down to the identity of the man most likely to have fired the lethal “head shot” from the Grassy Knoll. Essential reading for anyone interested in the Kennedy assassination or in modern American history in general.’ John Joyce, Goodreads

Reader reviews

‘Former British Intelligence officer Col. John Hughes-Wilson merits commendation for bringing an experienced and savvy eye to the JFK assassination. Unlike too many, he isn’t fooled by the cesspool of disinformation that has mired many would be investigators. In the end, what he describes is a classic, military-style ambush in JFK: An American Coup D’Etat. Interestingly, his take also has been supported by a long-time (38 years) Swiss friend who served in the Spezialdienst (Swiss equivalent of the CIA). According to him, “Hughes -Wilson nailed it”‘

‘The best look at the controversial assassination. I have read many books about the JFK murder, and some are heavy on evidence and some have an axe to grind – a particular theory – which they pursue relentlessly to prove their main point that is was “really X” and not “Y.” Hughes-Wilson, though not an American, has much experience and involvement not only with the actual assassination, but with historical events, such as the Bay of Pigs and the great number of enemies that JFK and his brother faced because of their family background in illegal activities and what they attempted to do during the brief Kennedy years in office. He puts “the incident” into perspective and shows how the physical evidence, weighed against all the political manoeuvering, and the cover-up, can lead to only one logical conclusion. It is very compelling and you cannot expect to get a more comprehensive overview than this from any other single author.’

‘Terrific! I have a large collection of books about the JFK assassination, and this one is one of the best as it adds many latest up-to-date pieces of the puzzle. It is very well-written and researched. Highly recommended!’