The Hit List

The Vengeance Man series: book 4

At the age of 35, Fritz’s career in the SAS has come to an abrupt end.

However, the political bigwigs in Whitehall have other plans for him.

Using a boring desk job at the Special Insurance Services as a cover, Fritz is the newest member of Whitehall’s most lethal team of hit-men – ‘The Thirteen.’

It is his job to clear up, and cover up, the dirty dealings of the political elite by framing members of the European parliament, silencing nosey journalists and ambushing weapon trades.

However, things get personal when his brother-in-law is stabbed by a gang.

Returning as The Vengeance Man, Fritz takes matters into his own hands.

No one is exempt from his crusade of justice.

But a dodgy deal in Dubai and a paedophile ring embedded among a group of senior politicians soon take up all his attention.

Can he maintain his cover and keep his cool?

Or will the Vengeance Man’s luck finally run out?

The Hit List is the latest in John MacRae’s best-selling Vengeance Man series. It is an action packed novel of crime and revenge, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Andy McNab.

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Book reviews

‘A heart-pumping ride, with more twists than a roller-coaster.’ Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off

Reader reviews

‘A brilliant addition to “The Vengeance Man” series. Yet again, the author’s attention to detail in describing the inner workings of the Special Forces and intelligence services make the story highly believable and a worthwhile read. Although I have found that similar writers go overboard with descriptions of technicalities of equipment and weapons, McRae keeps it subtle and the narrative benefits as a result. The action is fast paced and the plot speeds along to the climactic ending. Perfect for lovers of good crime thrillers. Highly recommended.’