The Unit

The Vengeance Man series: book 3

The Duchess of Clarence is beautiful, bored … and out for revenge.

Still reeling from her divorce from a high-ranking royal, she is threatening to expose secrets that could threaten the Crown.

Someone needs her silenced.

It is a job for the Vengeance Man.

A former SAS soldier, he is determined to put the treacherous head of the Ministry of Defence, Noel Malcolm, in his place.

But when The Vengeance Man assaults Malcolm in his office, the Special Forces are not amused.

They send him to join the shadowy MI6 Special Reinforcement Unit, known as ‘the Increment’. And the Vengeance Man is given a licence to kill …

His first official target is the Duchess.

Only she and her publisher have a copy of a manuscript, which if published, could be a dangerous threat to the Establishment.

Can the Vengeance Man force the Duchess to keep quiet?

Or will the Unit be too late….?

The Unit is the latest in John MacRae’s best-selling ‘ Vengeance Man’ series. It is an action packed novel of crime and revenge, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Andy McNab.

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Book reviews

The Vengeance Man is the best new action thriller this year’ Matt Lynn, author of the best-selling Death Force series.

‘A heart-pumping ride, with more twists than a roller-coaster.’ Tom Kasey, author of the best-selling Trade Off.

Reader reviews

‘Let me start by saying I’ve read and enjoyed this book and the other titles in ‘The Vengeance Man’ series. Who could fail to like Fritz, the thought of real justice being handed down by him to the bad guys is heart warming, but he has enough frailties to keep him human. The contrast between his personal crusade and the bigger picture of his job makes for a compelling read.’

‘I don’t want to give spoilers so I will only say, if you enjoyed the first book The Vengeance Man or the novella, Second Shot, then you will enjoy this one.

‘A well written book by the author and I enjoyed it immensely, this is the second book of his I have read and look forward to reading more of the same series.’

‘Excellent book, brilliant read. would highly recommend this book to anyone after a heart pounding non stop thriller. hope you enjoy!’

‘A terrific book, I loved it. Well written and full of tension, it also carries a sub-text looking at how far we want our secret services to go. Eagerly awaiting the next!’